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Family Photo Album
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Family Photo Album
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Hi all and welcome to the family photo album page where you will see pictures of Tiffany & Mark while she was In the hospital.  You will see other pictures as well.


Please read This.......

Once again this website Is dedicate to Tiffany for being so brave while she was In the hospital.  People I would like to thank.  First of all I would like to thank my Lord Jesus Christ and Savior because all things happen through him In his timing not ours.  And I would also like to thank him for using me to pray for my Neice In her time of need.  I would also like to thank Mark for being there for his sister.  I'm very proud of Mark for all that he does In life.  I'm also very proud of Tiffany for all that she does In life.  I would also like to take the time to thank all the family for being there for her.  I would like to thank my Chruch Freash Water Chruch for praying for her.  Please keep her In your prayers always.


Mark Is haveing to much Fun......

While Mark Is waiting he Is haveing lots of fun......


This Is Me.....

You guessed It.  This Is my ugly mug.  This picture was taking by Mark...


Call Bell

Here Is the call bell that we had to use everytime we wanted to see Tiffany before going into her room.....

Made by Rick